Dr. Kati DuncanClinical Psychologist with Assessment & Therapy Associates

BariEDucated is an exceptionally comprehensive guide for both new clinicians and seasoned professionals. I wish I had this book when I was starting out in bariatrics, but even after all these years of working with bariatric patients, it has elevated my knowledge and patient care! It thoroughly covers pre-surgical evaluations and counseling, as well as post-surgical complications and treatments. I cannot recommend it highly enough for any behavioral health professional in our field!

Kalyn True, RDN, LDOutpatient Dietitian

BariEDucated offers a comprehensive resource for navigating the complexities of bariatric care. The authors' combined expertise in nutrition and behavioral health shines through, providing valuable takeaways for various healthcare professionals within the integrated health team. Dietitians will find the detailed nutritional guidance invaluable, while psychologists can appreciate the in-depth exploration of the emotional aspects of bariatric surgery. Surgeons will benefit from the book's emphasis on pre- and post-surgical patient support, fostering a collaborative approach within the team. BariEDucated emphasizes the importance of collaboration among team members to deliver the most comprehensive patient care.

Regardless of your specific role within the integrated health team or your experience level, this user-friendly approach and the clear explanations provided within the book have valuable takeaways to support your professional growth. While maintaining an easy-to-read format, the book is grounded in evidence-based research. Kelly and Chaundra skillfully blend high-level science with practical experience, making BariEDucated a valuable addition to any healthcare professional's library. The book is exceptional!

Dr. James HarrisMedical Director of Bariatric Surgery Services, Novant Health-NHRMC

“As a bariatric surgeon, I can attest to the superior quality of evaluations and care Kelly and Chaundra have provided my patients for more than two decades. This book is a comprehensive collection of their vast experience scripted in a well-organized, practical manner that makes it easy to understand and apply. I recommend it for all those caring for bariatric patients whether you re a nutritionist, psychologist, surgeon, or other ancillary provider.”

Dr. Rebecca Daniel

"BariEDucated is a comprehensive resource that offers empirically supported and practical tips to providers working with individuals pursuing bariatric surgery, whether experienced or novice. This book would be beneficial for behavioral health providers in specialty settings (e.g., weight loss clinics), primary care settings, and outpatient mental health settings. BariEDucated is also an enjoyable read, with the authors’ expertise and passion for this population shining through."

Kim F. Joyner, RNClinical Manager, Wilmington Surgical Associates

"Pre-op and post-op nutrition and psychological care are the bedrock of the bariatric patient's long-term success. For over a decade, I have witnessed the passion and talent of Kelly and Chaundra. Their standard of care is exemplary!"

Nina Crowley, PhD, RDN, LDProfessional Affiliations and Education Manager, seca corporation

"Oh how I wish I had a manual like this when I started as a dietitian working with bariatric surgery patients! Bariatric surgery and eating disorder specialists often operate in separate circles, and Kelly and Chaundra’s experience is the perfect intersection of both. Full of clinical practice experience and keeping the patient at the center, it’s the roadmap for how to apply evidence-based practice in the real world!"